Taking on digital doubles in 2018

We work hard to keep our creative edge at Luna Digital. In 2018, we’re setting our sights on something I’ve personally wanted to do for a while now: digital doubles. Digital doubles are CGI versions of real-life actors, often used to enhance a character’s look, add additional effects, or replace an actor entirely in a shot.

Luna Digital is developing a pipeline to efficiently and affordably create digital doubles for all of our productions, whether it’s advertising, film, or next-gen…

“Trapped: In The Trade” Wins Award of Excellence at Docs Without Borders Film Festival

The title says it all! Trapped: In The Trade won the Docs Without Borders Film Festival’s Award of Excellence this year. Thank you so much to the cast, crew, and partner companies that came together to make this meaningful project happen.

For more information about the Docs Without Borders Film Festival and to see the full list of this year’s winners, visit their site at http://www.dwbff1.com.

Trapped: In The Trade Accepted at Two Film Festivals

More great news from Mission Control! Trapped: In The Trade, a dramatic narrative about the dark realities of Florida’s child sex trafficking industry, was accepted into the Global Peace Film Festival and Docs Without Borders Film Festival. Luna Digital collaborated with Paving The Way and C47 Film Associates to deliver post-production visual effects and coloring for the 30-minute short last Fall.

For more information about Trapped: In The Trade and how you can help stop…

Luna Digital chosen as VFX team for Heritage

We are excited to announce that Luna Digital has been chosen as the primary visual effects team for the locally produced fan-film, Heritage. Luna Digital will be responsible for creature animation, digital set extensions, and compositing for the film’s teaser short directed by Greg Graves.

About Heritage

Heritage is a locally produced fan-film that started pre-production in late 2009. Director Greg Graves sets out to return kaiju mythology to its darker roots, paying homage to classic Godzilla and other moster movies through the use of traditional…

A Fresh Start

We’ve been going through a lot of changes here at Luna Digital. We have a shiny new website, new service offerings, new work to show off, and even some original content of our own to share. Life is good at Mission Control.

In the past, we’ve been known to take on a variety of design challenges: websites, logos, packaging, animation, editing…the list goes on. But our passion, at the end of the day, is elevating creative projects through visual…