Client: Truth Collective
Art Direction: Jeremy Schwartz
Package Design: Truth Collective & Sixteen Ton
3D Renders: Luna Digital, Ltd.

When Islamorada Beer Co. teamed up with our friends at Truth Collective to design a stand-out packaging strategy for their brand new brewery, we were excited to be invited along for the journey.

When your new brewery’s island home is known as a “drinking town with a fishing problem,” you’re already among good company. But as Islamorada Beer Company planned the introduction of their flagship wheat ale, Sandbar Sunday, they faced a market dominated by major breweries—without the massive capital those big brands had. We delivered the solution in new packaging bold enough to stand out from box to bottle yet sun-drenched with island attitude. Featuring six-pack messaging that promoted fan story-sharing via #MySandbar, the beer’s first 1,827-case run sold out in just 14 weeks. By summer’s end it had made the tap list at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium, home to the NFL Dolphins and the University of Miami. And with a design system that’s already being extended to new beer styles, even better branding is brewing in the Keys. (Truth Collective)

Once again we partnered with Truth Collective’s Creative Director, Jeremy Schwartz, to deliver stunning 3D/CGI digital product renders for each of Islamorada Beer Co.’s flagship products: Sandbar Sunday, Islamorada Ale, and Channel Marker IPA. The results are beautiful, re-usable images that Islamorada Beer Co. can use again and again as they continue to grow their brand.