R&D is in our DNA.

Creative problems often demand technical solutions. And when we reach the limits of off-the-shelf software, we just make it ourselves. Whether it’s Atlas—our in-house version control pipeline—or plugins like Smart Render Regions, BtoA, and more, we have what it takes to get your project movin’.

Arnold for Blender

We adopted Arnold as our primary render engine in 2020, but there was no integration for Blender when we made the switch. So, we decided to write it ourselves.

The latest stable version (0.4.4-alpha) of Arnold for Blender is available to download on GitHub. Like living on the edge? We have unstable development builds, too. At the end of the day, we guarantee that the code you see online is the same code we’re using at the studio every day.

Interesting in seeing what Arnold for Blender can do? Take a look at the Arnold for Blender Instagram page!

Ftrack for Blender

After moving to ftrack for project management, we quickly began working on a proper integration for Blender. While it’s still early days, the code is freely available for download and testing on BitBucket.

Luna ❤️’s open source

Our pipeline is built on the foundation of many amazing open source projects.