New installation experience for BtoA

Arnold for Blender’s development branch has seen a lot of commit traffic over the past few months. Blender 3.3 support, OCIO fixes, UI improvements, the list goes on. As we barrel toward a beta release our focus has been on improving stability, feature support, and ease-of-use, and one of the biggest steps toward that was to redesign the installation experience for BtoA.

In the past we’ve had users go to the Autodesk website, sign up for an account, download a specific supported version of the SDK for their operating system, manually create environment variables…but more often than not we’ve found the process is an unnecessary barrier for people who just want to install BtoA and start rendering in Arnold. So, we streamlined the process. Now it only takes a couple of clicks from install to first render! Take a look at how we’ve completely transformed Arnold for Blender installation process below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to get new updates.